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I want to take a moment and put a human face to the other side of the Hobby Lobby case, the ruling to which should be announced in about 8 hours. Hobby Lobby has argued that what is at stake here is a question of religious liberty, but for me it is actually a question as to whether or not my employer could actually bar me from having birth control. You see that IUD they claim causes abortions, is the only birth control I can use.

I get something called a paralytic migraine. This is exacerbated by any artificial hormones, meaning the Hobby Lobby approved contraceptives can actually give me a stroke. If the court rules in Hobby Lobby’s favor today, that means I will either need to avoid employment by companies with religious exemptions or contribute even more of my wages to my healthcare. It has been suggested that the government would actually be forcing me to subsidize my employers religious beliefs, because I would pay more than employees of non-religious employers. I guess the question at stake is do religious beliefs trump all? Do these liberties extend to other laws? What about Civil Rights laws? Do corporate religious beliefs trump employee religious beliefs?